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Produced by:
Les Productions Rivard

Directed by:
Jean Bourbonnais

2 X 60 min.


On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the CBC broadcast a message featuring Rick Mercer. In it, the Canadian comic railed against the public broadcaster, accusing it of delivering programming that is "good for you, like broccoli."

Documentary television is an acquired taste, not always a hit with history buffs or the general public. Regardless of whether the filmmakers are serious, committed to providing a faithful interpretation of the topic, historians will never truly be satisfied with history portrayed on screen. If you're a Canadian Aboriginal, a francophone from outside Quebec, or female, you might never see your story on screen. If an adaptation is made, you will probably find it disappointing. Besides, documentaries about culture and featuring people who disappeared centuries ago are rarely broadcast during primetime.

Morning in the North West: Genesis is an hour-long documentary about a group of people who paddle against the current. Through an ironic eye, we glimpse a few of the pitfalls inherent in recreating history on film. Genesis also follows the ordeals of the cast and crew who threw themselves into this wild adventure.

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