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A passage to history

Photo du film Voyageur

Follow the rivers and trails of voyageurs and fur traders. Learn about their pioneering spirit and the unique culture they helped create in the North West, one that s still alive today.

Come in and find a broad range of games, information and resources. Find out about our breathtaking documentary filmed in High Definition.


This site is brought to you by Productions Rivard.

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Jouez au Voyageur

Calling voyageurs of all ages! In this interactive game you can build a canoe brigade and set off on a race to reach the Athabasca before your trading rivals!

Voyageur : le film

Productions Rivard has made a period docudrama in High Definition. Follow three generations of the fur-trading dynasty that transformed the cultural landscape of Canada's North West.

River Journey : An Animated Adventure

This animated and interactive webcomic introduces us to Angélique and Nicholas, two young friends from different worlds. Create your own ending to their story!