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Young Explorers

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Calling voyageurs of all ages.

Explore the world of the fur trade through a range of fun and educational activities designed for players aged 9 to 99 years. Awaken your inner history buff - test your knowledge of our home and native land!

Young Explorers is not about textbooks or cramming for exams. Instead, you'll find here a collection of dynamic and interactive games full of images, sounds and challenges. Are you ready for adventure?

  • The River Journey
  • This animated and interactive webcomic introduces us to Angélique and Nicholas, young friends from different worlds who meet in the Pays d'en haut. Create your own ending to their story with our comic strip building tool.

  • Nor'West Adventure
  • Calling voyageurs of all ages! In this interactive game you can build a canoe brigade and set off on a race to reach the Athabasca before your trading rivals!

  • Educational Activities
  • Here you'll find eight mini-activities linked to themes discussed in the Voyageur's World section. Have fun while exploring various aspects of the of the lives of the voyageurs and the fur trade.

    Explore an Archaeology Site
    Dig through the ruins of an old fort and uncover a wealth of information about the past.
    Shop at a Trading Post
    Buy the goods you need to do your job in the fur trade.
    Mystery Words
    Test your knowledge of voyageur vocabulary, and try to keep the canoe afloat!
    Dress the Voyageur
    Help the voyageur pick clothes to suit the occasion!
    Make Your Own Contract
    Become a voyageur - officially!
    Decorate the Canoe
    Turn your canoe into a work of art!
    Hunt, Fish & Forage
    Feed the voyageur without upsetting his stomach!
    Guess the Missing Lyrics
    How well do you know the songs of the voyageur?

    Flash 7.0 and moreis required to play these activities.

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