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Once upon a time in the North West...

This story of the voyageurs begins with some background information. Here we describe the stage on which the fur trade evolved, including key peoples and events that contributed to its growth.

  • Interpreting the past sets out our approach to the study of the history of the fur trade.
  • The beaver is about the furry rodent that was the raison d'être of the fur trade.
  • First nations is about the Aboriginal peoples and of their essential role in the fur trade.
  • European explorers describes the European discovery of the North West and explorers' early trading ties with Native peoples.
  • Fur and fashion examines the popularity of furs that gave rise to trading empires.
  • Trade explains how the fur trade functioned and evolved.
  • Diplomacy discusses relations between the fur trading companies and Aboriginal peoples, and the voyageur's unique role in this process.
  • Coureur de bois to voyageur explains how the profession of voyageur was born.

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