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Not just brawn.

The voyageurs also had to use their heads. Did you know that a canoe could be up to 11 metres long and nearly 2 metres wide? Or if you hoisted the sail in a good wind, the canoe could attain speeds of up to 15km/h? Know-how is about knowledge and how it was used in the voyageur's world.

  • Geography is an overview of the vast system of rivers and lakes that the voyageurs used, and how fur-trading routes evolved over time.
  • Canoes is about the watercraft of Aboriginal invention that could go nearly everywhere, opening up new territories to the trading companies.
  • Science and navigation invites you to explore the world of river and lake travel, including canoeing techniques, canoe maintenance and weather forecasting.
  • Shelter discusses the variety of lodgings available in the fur trade era for the company men. Don't let that campfire go out.
  • Health outlines hazards such as disease and other dangers of the trade, as well as medical treatments of both European and Aboriginal origin.

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